Orthotics FAQs

How long will my appointment take?
The evaluation process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the situation and may include a gait evaluation, muscle testing, and a casting procedure. A fitting appointment can also take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending upon the adjustments needed for an optimal fit.


Can I choose a color or pattern for my brace?
Many of our braces can come in different colors or patterns, ranging from white, to beige, to camouflage, to butterflies. Ask your practitioner to see all your options!


How long must I wear my brace?
How long you must wear your brace is dependent upon many variables including pathology, age, and other health conditions. If your brace is for short-term use, your physician will monitor your progress and determine the length of treatment.


What type of shoes should I bring to my lower extremity orthosis fitting appointment?You should bring a pair or two of the shoes you wear most often and athletic shoes. We do not recommend buying new shoes before your fitting appointment since your brace may determine what shoes will work best. If you have any questions about footwear, be sure to ask your practitioner.


What should I do if the brace doesn't fit like it used to?
Adjustments are commonly needed, especially if you have had surgery and we encourage you to call our office if there are any concerns with the fit, function, or comfort of the orthosis.


What should I do if I experience redness or skin irritation?
Minimal redness is normal but if you experience redness lasting more than 30 minutes after removing your brace, contact our office for an appointment. Prolonged redness may be indicative of excessive pressure. If there is skin breakdown, discontinue use of the brace and call our office immediately.